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Influence your team

A number of my clients are either direct marketers or sales professionals.  As such, their income depends a large part on members of their teams.  Unfortunately, my clients have very little actual control over their team members actions.  To serve my clients, I am always trying to learn tools, techniques and actions that help my clients’ incomes soar.  Therefore, I read Inflencer by Joseph Grenny.

It is an excellent read.  If you have a team or even a need to influence a group of people, including students, patients and co-workers, I suggest reading this book.

Joseph has identified three keys to influence people to achieve great results.  These are: 1.) Focus and measure, 2.) Find vital behaviors and 3.) Engage all six sources of influence.

In short, have a motivational goal and think carefully about what you measure, focus your team on the two or three vital behaviors that lead to positive results and then create an environment of personal and social motivation and enablement.  I’m afraid you are going to have to read the book to learn more . . . . . . . or become a client.