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Striving for mediocre is a poor way to achieve greatness

In my career, both in corporate American and as a Business Coach, I’ve frequently heard otherwise good capable people state a goal to become just like everyone else.  That’s not how it is said, of course.  It is always couched in phrases like, “Best practices are . . . .” or “Both my brothers were able to . . . .” or “The competition typically . . . .”  What follows next is usually a recommendation to achieve the banal, the commonplace and the typical.  People and companies who achieve these bland goals are frequently surprised when they stop, look around and realize that they haven’t achieved any level of greatness.

Yes, it is ok to have “good enough” levels for lower priority goals.  Life is a trade off.  You have enough time and resources to do anything.  You don’t have enough time and resources to do everything.  Manage your resources by identifying your one or two primary overpowering goals.  Divest in all other goals.

Your goal, that is your one primary overpowering goal, needs to be something special.  It needs to motivate and drive you.  Take to heart W. Clement Stone’s wisdom, “Aim for the moon.  If you miss, you may hit a star.”  Strive for more.  Reach for the seemingly unachievable.  Move.  Act.  Now.