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What’s stopping you? Hint: It is probably you.

One of the most common excuses for NOT doing something is lack of preparation.  In an Hewlett Packard annual report, they say the men will apply for a job when they are only 60% confident in their ability to do the job while women will only apply when they are 100% confident in their ability to do the job.  Imagine how many capable women decided to not apply for a job that they would have excelled at.  How many opportunities were missed because they wouldn’t even apply.  Speaking as someone who has hired people, there were times that I would have loved to meet someone who was only 85% ready for the job as listed because I didn’t have enough strong candidates for the role.

This isn’t just about jobs either.  Are you pursuing a dream?   Are you spending your time doing the things that you love and are taking you to a place you want to be?  It not, what is holding you back?  Are you waiting for some else to tell you that you are ready?  They never will.  Are you using the excuse that you aren’t prepared yet?  STOP!  In reality, if you aren’t taking actions today to move you toward your dreams, the only one at fault.  The good news is that you can change that right now.

Each morning, ask yourself what can you do today to improve your life and your community.  Ask yourself what small action can you take.  If you have a little voice in your head, note its concerns because it may have something important to say but don’t let it stop you.

Take the leap.  Pack your parachute on the way down.

Tell me in the comments what’s holding you back.  I’ll share what I can that might help.

Please share because your friends may be holding themselves back right now.

Anger is what fear and pain look like in public

I was flipping through radio stations this morning and Glenn Beck was on PBS.  That was an interesting enough of a pairing that stayed and listened.  The interview made a comment that was powerful enough that I wanted to share it with you.  “Anger is what fear and pain look like in public.”  It felt like she was quoting someone else but I couldn’t find who may have said it first.  Please share if anyone knows who may have said it first.

When someone is angry, when someone is resisting, when someone is offensive is it that they are afraid?  It is because they are in pain?  Could the situation be putting them in a place where all they know to do is to be angry and defensive?  If you are able to understand the source of their pain and fear, you may be able to work around it.  I’m not saying that you should try to be their councilor but work to find a way around their pain and fear.

Are you acting out of pain or fear and hurting those around you?  Are you treating those around you with the love and respect they deserve?