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7 Billion Prospective Clients. Zero Percent Conversion.

A conversion rate is the percent of targeted people who you turn into actual customers or clients.  When your conversion rate is zero, it doesn’t matter how many prospective clients you have.  You will not get any customers or clients or subscribers.  There are seven billion people on the planet.  Even if every single one of those seven billion are your prospective target, a zero percent conversion means you won’t have a single customer.  You are better off only having one prospective target with a 100 percent conversation rate.

Most financial, career and personal goals require some conversion of other people.  It may be clients, customers or subscribers, but it could also be a boss or co-workers.  It may be a team, an organization or someone at a target company.  Who ever it is and what ever you want from them, you are looking to convert them from what ever position they are holding to the position you need them to hold.

Narrow your target and truly engage fewer targets.