An easy dream board hack to conquer procrastination

Vision and goal?  Check Action plan?  Check Tools and resources?  Check Taking action?  . . . . . . . . well, maybe after I check Facebook……again. Sound familiar?  Procrastination rears its ugly head in most of our lives at one point or other.  We allow procrastination to arrest our progress for many reasons.  Some […]

Five ways a coach can help you reach new heights

1.) Define/Clarify your goals – Lost or confused?  Feel like you were meant for more but aren’t quite sure what that more looks like?  Is fear or procrastination preventing you from realizing the best YOU you can be?  A coach works with you to help you understand your “why,” your reason for being.  This “why” […]

Three reasons not to hate Mondays

Monday has such a bad reputation.  People grumble out, “It’s Monday” to justify bad moods and a grumpy disposition.  I’ve never heard anyone complain that way about Friday.  I’ve never seen a Garfield poster saying, “I hate Thursdays.”  This bad reputation unjustified.  While Monday may never beat out Saturday as your favorite day of the […]