About Tim Wolski

I’ve had a very interesting career across a wide range of functions, departments an industries. Marketing definitely is my professional home, although it took a while to find it. My path started in a (then) big six accounting firm as an auditor, but even there I keep finding my way into marketing and marketing research. I then spent ten years in a variety of analytical and operational oriented roles. I realized then that it was the marketers that were setting the company’s North Star and blazing the path forward.

Once the VP of marketing was willing to take a chance on me, I embraced it and never looked back. I’ve marketed for great companies like Honeywell, Partylite and Swarovski in Business to Business, Direct Sales and Wholesale/Retail respectively.

Last year I became a professor of marketing at Bryant University in an effort to contribute more to this field. I remember being a finance student forced to take marketing. I didn’t get it at the time. I thought it was all about picking the right color of blue. Marketing, with a capital M, is so much more than that. I am striving for me students, many of which are finance students, to see the bigger picture and, at least, understand some of the passion I have for this field

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