Google Adwords Spend Super Quick Update -30 Day Blogging Challenge

I had a couple of people ask for an immediate results report on my Google Adwords spend. Here is it. Keep in mind that I’m only targeting $150 a month in spend, so $5 a day. According to Google’s estimate, this $5 dollars a day should have given me about 1000 impressions and, with a 0.5% click through rate, approximately five unique visitors a day…..who’s to say what they would have done once they clicked through. Maybe bounced out….maybe hung out and read a while.

One thing I apparently misunderstood. I swore that Adwords gave me an estimate of an hour before the ad was placed. It was more like 10 hours…….with me clicking update page every five minutes. The ad, my ad, didn’t get placed until Thursday evening. It has been active for about 12 hours at this point……although over the middle of a Thursday night….and has given 9 impressions and zero clicks. On the positive side, it hasn’t generated any cost for me yet either. You only pay once someone clicks on your ad.

I should note that different subject matters will affect what time of day is most productive. Having your blog about great lunch places posted around 11 AM with your ad running from 11 AM to 2 PM probably makes a lot of sense. The number of people googling lunch places at 2 AM is probably rather small……I’m assuming here.

I was hoping that 10 PM wouldn’t be such an odd time for amateur bloggers to be out there looking for tips. I’ll let the ad run over the weekend and potentially Monday before I make any adjustments to it. There is always a risk of adjusting your marketing efforts too quickly.

I’ll be back in a few days with more of an update.

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