The sign says icy conditions ahead

It is 80 degrees and sunny today. The sign says, “Icy conditions ahead.”  There has been no ice here in a months and won’t be for months to come.

This road winds down a hill to cross a little bridge hidden under shade trees, over a bubbling stream. Due to the hill, the shade and the stream, the bridge does have ice many times when the rest of the roads are dry and safe. From October through March, it is a great sign and warns of real concerns. On a warm, sunny day in May, it doesn’t make much sense at all but it is still there. It warns of icy conditions when people are driving to the beach in July. The sign is a good sign. The sign communicates an important message…. for about six months. For the rest of the year, the sign is pointless and out of place but still there.

What signs do you carry with you that are now pointless and out of place?  “Be quiet and let the adults speak?”  “Don’t make waves?”  “Don’t be a trouble maker?”  “Take the safe path?”  “Eat everything on your plate?”

Are these signs still appropriate or are they warning you about icy in the summer?  Some signs were never right for you.  Some signs were right for you when you were a kid but you’ve outgrown them. Some signs may be appropriate for you but only some of the time.

Put the signs down. Don’t listen to messages that no longer work for you.

Share this post with someone who is carrying the wrong signs.  Share the signs you need to need to put down in the comments.

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