That’s a way?

Years ago my wife and I were walking on a trail. We just happened to be walking near a couple of women when the trail ended because of several fallen logs. They had fallen long ago and were overgrown. I could see the trail start again on the other side. My wife and I started climbing over the logs. One of the women pointed into the bushes to a trail that was so overgrown that we hadn’t even seen it. She said to her friend, “Lets go that way.”

Her exclaimed, “That’s a way?”

We lost sight of them as we climbed logs and they went into the overgrowth. A mile down the trail they came out of the woods about the same time and place as we did.

Their trail showed them different sights and gave them different challenges than our trail did. In the end we all had great experiences and reached similar destinations.

Don’t judge the trail others have taken, even if you couldn’t even see it in the beginning.  Don’t doubt that you are seeing a trail. Don’t doubt that you are on your right trail even when others take different paths.

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