I love the transition in the Northeast from Winter into Spring.  One of the first bushes to transition bloom with brilliant yellow flowers.  They tend to grow in clumps, so in a section of the woods that looks to be still in the middle of winter, a big patch of glowing yellow shines through the leafless branches.  Now other trees have started.  In another month, all of the trees will be covered in new light green leafs.

The woods will be in full foliage for about four months and then fall will come.  Then for eight months, the leafs will dry and fall off.  When I think of the Northeast, I’ll think of the trees with bright green leafs.  I don’t normally think of the leafs changing in the fall.  I don’t normally think of the barren trees of winter, even though the trees are leafless for much longer than they have leafs.  I could think of them but I choose not to.

We can choose how we think of things.  We can choose to think of them in summer or winter.  How do you choose to think of important events in your life?  Have you chosen summer or winter?  Does your choice serve you well?


Image from Our Great Photos.



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