Don’t be overwhelmed

Many of us have started New Year’s Resolutions again this year.  One of the most common reasons that we fail to achieve our resolution is that we try for too much at once.  The trick to build sustainable change in your life is to break down the habits you are either trying to change or add to your life into as small bits as you reasonably can.  Then work on the easiest one of those bits.  Once that becomes a habit, then add the next easiest.

For example, I know someone who is working to cut sugar dramatically out of her diet.  She doesn’t have a “sugar habit.”  She has a series of habits built around sugar.  For example, she takes one of those fiber bars with her when she picks up the kids and another fiber bar when she goes to bed.  She has a dessert nearly every night.  There are other pieces but this is enough for an example.  The fiber bar that she has right before bed is the easiest one for her to go without.  That is the one she is dropping first.

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