The 7CC model helps to achieve the highest standards of performance excellence in luxury retail at the POS and attain sustainable competitive advantage.

  • In the eyes of the customer, the sales consultant incarnates the brand at the POS.
  • Each competency is equally important for the brand’s success at the POS.
  • Failing in one of the competencies can result in loss of customers and bad brand reputation.
  • Providing excellent sales and service performance is vital to achieving sustainable growth.

The 7CC model is organised in 7 modules. We offer a range of teaching, learning and delivery methods to maximise learning transfer on the sales floor. We have expert knowledge of the best “blended learning solutions”.

All our implementation solutions are tailored to meet your exact requirements.

If requested, the 7CC model can be implemented as a store employee development programme (from junior to senior level) and/or employee induction programme.

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