Interview with Ryan Farley — How Being Scrappy Propelled LawnStarter to Success

With a background in mechanical engineering, Ryan Farley isn’t someone you would expect to have an interest in the quality of your lawn or the depth of the green in your Kentucky bluegrass. You also wouldn’t expect that he and his co-founders would work so passionately to grow a business that […] Source: Interview with […]

I could . . . . .

After you do your “I should” exercise, it is time for your “I could” exercise.  Finish the sentence, “If I really tried, I could . . . . . ”  Write at least five different endings to that sentence.  Let your sentences sit for a day and then read them over again.  Which of these sentences are […]

Is that a reason or an excuse?

When we list out what our obstacles are, when we list out why we haven’t succeeded, does that list consist of real obstacles or excuses?  A client tried telling me how her contractors were dictating her schedule.  When I asked why, she had a series of reasons.  Her poor communication style.  It is how the industry works, etc. […]