It is

We spend much of our lives classifying and judging situations.

It is good.

It is bad.

It is lucky.

It is hectic.

It is just the way things go.

It is like it always is.

When we judge a situation, we have already given it an emotional context.  This context will color how we see and explore the situation when we explore it more.  It also requires an emotional effort to classify a situation.  My wife and I have started reminding each other and I have started reminding my clients of a powerful tool to simplify their emotional clutter and see the situations in their lives more clearly.  The tool is simply to stop the sentence after, “It is.”

“It is,” means to accept the situation as it is.  Don’t judge it yet.  Don’t give it an emotional weight.  Simply accept that it is.  Then you can start to explore it.  You may find that a “lucky” situation was really the result of some clever and hard work.  A “hectic” situation may be open to some organization improvements.  Accept.  Analyze.  Act.




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