Well that was uncomfortable

A client recently described her business coaching sessions with me as feeling similar to being poked by sticks.  Then she thanked me for the changes I helped her make in her business and she extended our agreement for several months.  A prospective client asked at the end of our first strategy sessions if all of the sessions would be as painful for her.  I said not ALL of them.  She sign up for several months of sessions.

Around a third of my clients cry during at least one of the sessions.  Those are the ones who tend to get the most out of our work together.  I bring value to my clients by making them uncomfortable and pushing their limits.  I wrote awhile ago that my job is the asker of uncomfortable questions and teller of unpleasant truths. asking of uncomfortable questions and teller of unpleasant 

My family is in a position right now where we have to make a couple of really big decisions that could significantly change the direction of our lives.  My wife and I were talking about the different choices.  Suddenly, I started to feel uncomfortable with the conversation.  I did feel like I was getting poked with sticks.  Then I realized it.  My wife was coaching me!  I called her out on it.  She admitted that she was coaching me. It was uncomfortable, effective but uncomfortable.

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