Which game are you playing

There are two games you can plan; the short game and the long game.  The short game can be exciting with many big wins, instant rewards and cheers from the peanut gallery.  The long game can often be tedious, the rewards are delayed and it is often played alone. The short game is frequently either […]

The opposite of “conflict” is not “surrender.”

A new client of mine has always been the peacemaker.  She’s been the one at home and on the job who made things happen by avoiding all conflict.  Now she owns the family business and she still avoids conflict.  When the contractors don’t turn in their reports on schedule, my client will still do whatever […]

Well that was uncomfortable

A client recently described her business coaching sessions with me as feeling similar to being poked by sticks.  Then she thanked me for the changes I helped her make in her business and she extended our agreement for several months.  A prospective client asked at the end of our first strategy sessions if all of […]

Training cats, changing people and other pointless exercises

My clients frequently ask me how to change someone else; an employee, a partner or even their boss.  Unfortunately, you can’t change other people.  It simply can’t be done.  People will only change if they want to change.  They have to want it and want to change more than whatever rewards they are currently getting. […]