First things first

Most of my clients come to me with a goal of growing either their company’s sales or their personal earnings.  Other than that, they rarely have other goals.  At least, rarely do they know how they want to grow.  Frequently, they don’t know why they want to grow.  More is simply more and that is enough.

One of my first client exercises is an attempt at getting my clients to understand their “why,” their reason for growth.  This process is usually a series of questions, forcing my clients to make trade offs and to imagine how they would feel with various outcomes.  Understanding their “why” has helped many of my clients to make wiser tradeoffs and to focus their efforts on what they really want.

Unfortunately, not everyone can go directly to discovering their why.  Their lives and thoughts are simply too cluttered to make an honest assessment of their lives.  While some people aren’t able to see the forest for the trees, some aren’t even able to see the trees yet for all the leaves.  Their focus is locked too tightly on the minutia for them to every truly understand their whys.  Therefore, I have found that a powerful first step in discovering someone’s reason for growth is to de-clutter their lives, their schedules and their thoughts.  I encourage them to aim at small targets, the low hanging fruit, and look at their lives through a DIME mindset.  That is look at each task in their lives and Delegate, Improve, Minimize and/or Eliminate.  Once they have done a DIME process on their lives, they have more time and energy to focus on the big picture.

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