ADHD, Creativity, and the Concept of Group Intelligence | Psychology Today

Great article.  In a business perspective, it suggests that you need to hire employees with a diverse way of thinking, allow them to interact extensively but to ultimately match different types of thinkers with appropriate duties. Two brains that work differently are better than two that work in the same way. Source: ADHD, Creativity, and […]

The brilliance of McDonald’s “Quarter Pounder”

McDonalds has had the Quarter Pounder on its menu for decades.  It sounds impressive.  A full quarter pound of beef!  While clearly not as impressive the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder certainly must be a respectable burger. . . . . . . as long as you don’t do the math.  A quarter pound of […]

First things first

Most of my clients come to me with a goal of growing either their company’s sales or their personal earnings.  Other than that, they rarely have other goals.  At least, rarely do they know how they want to grow.  Frequently, they don’t know why they want to grow.  More is simply more and that is enough. […]

The harder I work, the luckier I get

I once reviewed a company’s sales team.  The team was easily divided into two groups.  One was very successful.  One was not.  After speaking with the two groups, it was easy to see what differentiated the teams.   One team’s general philosophy was, “I made ten calls today.  I didn’t make any sales.  I’ll call […]

3 Challenges Small Business Owners Face

This article is correct.  Many small businesses face these common challenges: Finances, Time and People. Frequently there is an underlying cause to each of these, i.e. the owner.  Many owners get started, made it off the ground and then stall out.  The owner doesn’t know what to do next or is fearful that change will ruin […]