Are your obstacles internal or external?

Think of a big goal.  It can be a personal or company goal.  Make it a big, audacious goal.  Now double it.  Is it huge yet?  If not, double it again.  Once it is huge, back off of it just a bit.  Take it to just this side of ridiculous.  It should be doable but just barely.

Close your eyes and live that goal for a few minutes.  How does it feel?  Is your life different?  Is the sense of life at your company different?  What relationships have grown and which have wilted away?  Is it easier or harder to get out of bed?  What did you have to accomplish to reach this goal?  What did you have to give up?

Now write down all of the obstacles that you overcame to reach this goal.  Write down all of them.  You are writing from a perspective of having already reached the goal.  You made it, so there must be a way to overcome them.  Don’t focus yet on how to overcome them but know that you can find a way.  Write them all down.  Take a break and then write down some more.

Read over your obstacles.  How many of them are external?  For a personal goal, how many of these obstacles are literally outside your body?  For a corporate goal, how many of these obstacles are literally outside your four walls.  We are typically better at identifying obstacles outside ourselves and outside our organizations.  I believe we do that because it is so much easier to think the reason we haven’t already reached our goals not our responsibility.  That is, it isn’t our fault we haven’t achieved more.

Look at those external goals again.  Are they really external?  One of the most common reasons people give for not being able to reach their goals is that they don’t have enough time.  They frequently say this is an external obstacle.  Is it really?  Who owns your calendar?  How much time do you waste?  Facebook and Instagram anyone?  Lack of time means lack of prioritization and lack of creativity.  Whether your external obstacles are time, money, talent, other people, etc., the solution is within you.  Yes.  You will have to be resourceful.  You may have to find another way.  You may have to ask for help.  You may have to start small.

In the end, all obstacles are internal.  You have the power to overcome them but you must act.  Act now.

Tell me.  What obstacles are you facing?  Share with your friends and we can overcome these obstacles together.

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