Openings available for March’s Live More, Laugh More, Earn More program

“Live More.  Laugh More.  Earn More.” is a six week program to help participants create strategic life plans to overcome obstacles and create immediate results.  Participants will go through a process to understand their goals, inventory their assets, address their obstacles and create internal motivation.  After six weeks, you will know your goal and be […]

Are your obstacles internal or external?

Think of a big goal.  It can be a personal or company goal.  Make it a big, audacious goal.  Now double it.  Is it huge yet?  If not, double it again.  Once it is huge, back off of it just a bit.  Take it to just this side of ridiculous.  It should be doable but […]

Asker of uncomfortable questions and teller of unpleasant truths

I bumped into a neighbor recently.  She’s very nice and our kids have gone to the same schools for nine years.  While we aren’t exactly friends, there is a history of drop offs, student dances, after school programs, etc.  We hadn’t spoken more than the normal neighborly “hellos” in months.  She did know that I […]

Striving for mediocre is a poor way to achieve greatness

In my career, both in corporate American and as a Business Coach, I’ve frequently heard otherwise good capable people state a goal to become just like everyone else.  That’s not how it is said, of course.  It is always couched in phrases like, “Best practices are . . . .” or “Both my brothers were […]