7 Billion Prospective Clients. Zero Percent Conversion.

A conversion rate is the percent of targeted people who you turn into actual customers or clients.  When your conversion rate is zero, it doesn’t matter how many prospective clients you have.  You will not get any customers or clients or subscribers.  There are seven billion people on the planet.  Even if every single one […]

If not you, then who?

Who decides what is important to you?  Who decides by what measurement you value your work, your efforts and your life?  If it isn’t you, than who is making those decisions for you? What gets measured gets done.  How you measure success determines what actions you take and how you live your life.  U.S.S.R. was […]

Influence your team

A number of my clients are either direct marketers or sales professionals.  As such, their income depends a large part on members of their teams.  Unfortunately, my clients have very little actual control over their team members actions.  To serve my clients, I am always trying to learn tools, techniques and actions that help my clients’ incomes […]

Money can buy happiness, but only to a point

According to this study, money can buy happiness.  That is to say, increasing income reduces stress and increases opportunities.  Satisfaction with life increases. I believe that money should be measured in what it can do for you and the freedom it allows in your life.  I once met a woman who won an $18 million […]

8 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Confidence | Dr. Travis Bradberry

True confidence is firmly planted in reality. To grow your confidence, it’s important to do an honest and accurate self-assessment of your abilities. If there are weaknesses in your skill set, make plans for strengthening these skills and find ways to minimize their negative impact. Source: 8 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Confidence | Dr. Travis Bradberry