Build your environment for success

Motivation is great.  Literally billions of dollars are spent each year by people trying to build their motivation.  Toni Robbins, Jeff Keller and others have made fabulous careers helping people maximize their motivation.  In truth, part of what I do with my clients is help them focus their motivation on their own success.  All of […]

Unfollow your way to success

Every few minutes, sometimes a few times a minute, an update screams for my attention. My phone buzzes for texts, beeps for emails and does this weird injured bird sound when LinkedIn or any of my other apps sends an update.  My Linkedin page is filled with updates from people I networked with but barely […]

Is motivation enough?

Many self-help gurus preach that simply being motivated is enough to overcome any obstacles in your life.  If you aren’t reaching your goals, they teach, then you simply aren’t motivated enough.  And, by the way, they have a book to sell you or a class to offer to really ramp up your motivation.  Maybe a […]