The best worst 20 minutes of your year

While planning for 2016, there is a powerful 20 minute exercise you can do right now that will turbo charge your next year.  Unfortunately, many people find it to be a bit painful.  It is only 20 minutes.  Suck it up, do the exercise and start charging up your 2016 right now.

Grab a piece of paper.  Across the top of the paper, write yourself a question related to your 2016 goal.  Make it an action oriented question.  For example, if your goal is to get new customers for your business then your question may be, “How do I get more customers in 2016?”  Note that the question asks you to do something you can control.  Great questions for health/weight goals are, “How can I add more movement into my day?” or “How can I cut down on unhealthy foods?”  To improve your relationship, you may ask, “What can I do to make this relationship more loving?”

Then set a timer.  For 20 minutes, do nothing else but answer that question.  Aim to write down 20 answers in 20 minutes.  More if you can.  Don’t answer the phone.  Don’t check your email.  Don’t check social media.  Just write.  Don’t judge your answers.  Don’t get into heavy detail.  To hit 20 answers in 20 minutes, you won’t have time for that.

Once you write your answers, put the paper down.  Don’t look at it and walk away.  For the next several days, read those answers twice a day; once before you take a shower and once before you go to bed.  Don’t evaluate your answers yet.  Simply read every word you wrote down.  The two most create times for most people is in the shower or while sleeping.  Other great creative times are going for a walk, working out or having a great time with friends.  During these times, you mind works differently.  It freely associates different concepts and it isn’t as limited as your more rational mind.

On the fourth day, sit down with your answers again.  Read each of them critically.  With each of them don’t ask, “would this work?”  Instead ask, “How can I make this work?”  Make notes about how you can accomplish each of these.  After you have gone over all of your answers, pick those that you are going to start implementing or moving towards.  Those are your action items for 2016.  Fire yourself up and take charge.

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