You are enjoying the level of success you deserve

One of the biggest secrets of success is that over the long run, you will enjoy the level of success you deserve.  Yes.  Things do happen that are outside of your control but your reactions to those situations will determine your long term success. Understanding this foundational truth is key to mastering your own level […]

New Year’s Resolution mastermind group

Do you have a New Year’s resolution and are you truly serious about succeeding in it this year?  Have you made resolutions in the past and gave up on them?  You are not alone.  It takes most people eight, nine, ten or more times to finally accomplish their goals. I’m looking for people to join […]

Five tips on how to get motivated . . . . . when you don’t really feel like it

When you first start to tackle a big goal ideas are bouncing around your head.  You feel excited.  Things are electric.  They tingle.  You take that first step and it feels so right.  Only 10,000 more leagues to go, right Confucius! The next few steps fly by.  Maybe a few more. . . . . […]

Five tips for keeping your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is a week away.  Are you ready to make resolutions that you will actually keep this year?  Studies have shown that as many as 90% of people have abandoned their resolution within six months but it is possible to stack the deck in your favor.  You can be one of the 10% […]

9 (Free!) Pieces of Weight-Loss Advice From a Registered Dietitian ‹ Hello Healthy

I’m Jessica Jones. As a Registered Dietitian for a primary care clinic, I counsel hundreds of patients on medical nutrition therapy for weight management, hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipi… Source: 9 (Free!) Pieces of Weight-Loss Advice From a Registered Dietitian ‹ Hello Healthy

Why are you procrastinating?

Time continues to tick by.  Days come and go.  They add up to weeks and then months.  You watch them go by.  Still you are not working toward your dream.  Perhaps you don’t know what to do.  Perhaps you are afraid of failing.  You’ve told yourself what you want.  Maybe you told others.  You’ve started […]