Nice your way to health, wealth and happiness

Am I saying that being nice will lead to health, wealth and happiness?  Well, no.  I’m not saying it.  Science is. Dr. Hamilton sums up The Five Side Effects of Kindness here: He claims the five side effects are that we are: 1.) We are happier: This isn’t simply at a feel good level.  […]

Evil goals

Let me state first, I am a big believer in goals.  Big goals.  Small goals.  Health goals.  Careers goals.  A goal focuses your attention and efforts, enabling efficient and effective pattern of accomplishments.  If that isn’t clear enough, let me say, “Goals are good.” I am a voracious reader of all things related to success.  […]

Cold, dark and motivated this winter

The days are getting shorter. The temperature is dropping. It may be raining and dreary now but soon those rain drops will be snowflakes and that puddle will be a pile to shovel. It seems so much nicer to stay in the warm bed, rather than touch that cold floor. That blanket can’t snuggle itself […]

Vicious circle of failure vs. virtuous circle of success. You choose.

Your thoughts drive your emotions.  Every feeling or emotion you have, first starts with a thought or series of thoughts.  Imagine you bought a Powerball ticket and are watching the drawing on TV.  The first number comes up and it is a match.  That’s nice.  The second number comes up and it is a match.  […]