Bumpy Life

Imagine your life rides on a cart with one wheel.  Each of the spokes on the wheel is a different aspect of your life; health, wealth, career, family & friends, spiritual connection, love/romance, etc.  The length of each spoke is determined by how satisfied and fulfilled you are with that aspect.  If each spoke is approximately the same length, then the wheel will turn smoothly and the cart will ride smoothly down even a bumpy road.  This cart will be easy to push and steer.  It is easy ride around potholes or ride right over a pot hole if you didn’t see it in time.

Now imagine that the spokes are of very different lengths.  One may be very long and several very short.  This is a very bumpy Even on a smooth road, the cart is going to bounce around.  It is hard to push and hard to steer.  It is difficult to avoid potholes with a bumpy wheel.

Additionally, moving from a spoke that is short to a spoke that is long requires so much additional effort.  For example, even if your career is going strong, it requires more effort to maintain that level of success when your love & romance spoke is short.

Making your spokes, your satisfaction with each aspect of your life, similar length with make your life run more smoothly.  It will make those strong aspects of your life easier to  maintain and enjoy.  It will allow you to avoid or better handle surprises that are outside of your control.  Focus on making your shorter spokes more equal to your more successful spokes to make your total life more fulfilling, enjoyable and energized.

List out each aspect of your life that is important to you.  Common aspects people list are listed above; health, wealth, career, family & friends, spiritual connection and love & romance.  On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is totally satisfied, rate each aspect and write it down.  Which aspect is the shortest?  This is where you need to focus your healing and productive energies.  Give this aspect your time and attention now.  This will make all aspects of your life more enjoyable and successful.

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