An easy dream board hack to conquer procrastination

Vision and goal?  Check

Action plan?  Check

Tools and resources?  Check

Taking action?  . . . . . . . . well, maybe after I check Facebook……again.

Sound familiar?  Procrastination rears its ugly head in most of our lives at one point or other.  We allow procrastination to arrest our progress for many reasons.  Some of us procrastinate because we don’t really value our goal or we are unclear of what our vision really looks like.  Others of us are afraid of trying and failing or perhaps trying and looking like a fool.  Without a clear vision, it is easier to procrastinate because it is harder to prioritize more important tasks.  Still others are distracted because we are getting too much short term pleasure by whatever it is that is distracting us.

A lot of people can be helped by having a powerful dream board.  A dream board is when you spend time going through images, words and quotes that are meaningful to you, clip them out and stick them to a board.  The overall impact is to capture visually your dream and to force you to go through a process of thinking it through in detail.  By having this dream on one board in a place you see frequently, it helps many people prioritize their long term vision over their short term distractions.  The idea is this vision will be compelling enough to keep you moving forward.

Unfortunately, a compelling vision still isn’t enough.  I’ve known of hundreds of starting network marketers who know that picking up the phone is how to really jump start their business but are unwilling to actually pick up that phone.  They have a compelling vision.  They have a beautiful dream board.  They are also not picking up that phone.  The act of picking up the phone for a business person is simply too challenging or scary for them.  The phone is just one example.

There is a hack to help people who have a few tasks that are preventing them from realizing their ideal life.  Have them right down on sticky notes the things they are doing (or not doing) that are preventing them succeeding.  Ideally have them write down these things in first person, action oriented words.  For example, don’t just write “phone.”  Instead write, “I won’t make networking phone calls.”  Then have them put these sticky notes over the top of their dream board, partially blocking their dream.  Now when they look at their dream board, it shows them that their own decisions are blocking their progress.

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