Five ways a coach can help you reach new heights

1.) Define/Clarify your goals – Lost or confused?  Feel like you were meant for more but aren’t quite sure what that more looks like?  Is fear or procrastination preventing you from realizing the best YOU you can be?  A coach works with you to help you understand your “why,” your reason for being.  This “why” is inside you right now.  A coach simply helps you uncover it.

2.) Create your action plan – Goals are useless without a plan to realize them.  Without an action plan, no amount of effort will realize your goals.  Coaches work with you to create a series of milestones and the tasks it takes to reach them.

3.) Hold you accountable – Four crows sat on a fence.  One of them decided to fly away.  How many crows are still on the fence? . . . . . . Four.  Deciding to fly away is not flying away.  Goals and plans without action are merely dreams.  A weekly meeting with the coach keeps you on track.  A coach will help you recalibrate your goals and actions and help you overcome your obstacles.  A coach will hold you accountable.

4.) Focus your efforts – Success depends on effort consistently put in (hours) times the effectiveness of those hours.  Are you waisting time doing low value added tasks?  Are you allowing facebook, clutter, fear, over planning, etc. to eat up your hours without much progress?  Coaches help you separate effective tasks from time eaters.  You can then cut away those time eaters and work hard just on those tasks that will create results.

5.) Crank up your motivation – When you know what you want, why you want it and have a plan to obtain it, you can’t help but be motivated.  Once you start reaching milestones, your motivation will go through the roof.  Even so, it is normal and natural for short term motivation to take a break.  A coach can keep you productive and moving forward even during a motivation break.  Then a coach will help you stoke your motivation.

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