Three reasons not to hate Mondays

Monday has such a bad reputation.  People grumble out, “It’s Monday” to justify bad moods and a grumpy disposition.  I’ve never heard anyone complain that way about Friday.  I’ve never seen a Garfield poster saying, “I hate Thursdays.”  This bad reputation unjustified.  While Monday may never beat out Saturday as your favorite day of the week, there are lots of reasons to look forward to Monday.

1.) Monday is a start of a new week.  So much can be accomplished in a week.  What ever happened last week, good or bad, Monday starts another opportunity to grow and accomplish.

2.) Monday is plan day.  Take twenty minutes and plan out what you are going to accomplish the rest of the week.  That twenty minutes is your most important twenty minutes of the week.  By starting out your week with a plan, you will be more efficient and effective the rest of the week.

3.) The stories.  People’s weekend stories are more entertaining than their weekday stories.  More crazy things happen on a Saturday than a Tuesday night.  Take a few minutes and share some of your stories and listen to your co-workers’ stories.  Bond.  Laugh.  Enjoy.  Become closer.

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