Your reasons “why not” are your to-dos

It is easy to get most people to start talking about their dream position or goal.  Most people have some sort of dream goal.  Perhaps it is being able to quit their job and support themselves from their home based business.  Perhaps it is a promotion.  Perhaps it is running a marathon.  Their eyes sparkle.  Their voice is excited.

Then ask them why they haven’t accomplished their goals, many people are quick to list off a series of “why nots.”  “My spouse doesn’t support me.”  “The company’s rules don’t support how I do business.”  “I don’t have the time.”  “I don’t have the money.”  The list goes on and on.

These are the very things you need to work on.  These are your to-dos or to-fix.  If you don’t have time, then you need to look at where you are spending time and find ways to free up some time.  Stop doing some things.  Do somethings a little less perfect.  Delegate some things to your team or your kids.  If the company doesn’t support the way you do business, you need to really look at how you are doing business and how the company is or is not supporting you.  You can change the way you do business, you can ask the company for better support or you can find a new company.

Now ask yourself:

What is your dream goal?

What is stopping you from achieving it – that is what are you “why nots”?

What can you do to fix these “why nots”?

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