The one habit that leads to success

The hardest thing for most people to do is to stop defending their own actions and start looking for ways to act differently.  Whether your goal is financial, career, health/weight, spiritual or relationship, if you are not achieving your goals then you are one of the big obstacles to success.  You may not be the biggest obstacle, in your own mind at least, but you the one obstacle that you have total control over.

How many times have you heard someone who wasn’t achieving their own goals blame their lack of success on something outside of their control?  They blamed company policy, the economy, lack of support from their partner, etc.  Have you ever thought to yourself, “hey, you keep putting yourself into those situations.  Other people are successful under the very same situations.  They figured it out.  If you stopped complaining about it and put that much effort into being successful, then you would have done it by now.”  It is easy to see when someone else isn’t taking responsibility for their own success.  It is a bit harder to see when you aren’t taking responsibility for your success.  Ask yourself why you aren’t achieving your goals.  Keep asking until you answer something that is within your power to change.  Then change it.

Life coaches have a tool they use but you can use it on yourself.  Basically, they ask you on a scale 1 to 10 how satisfied or successful are you with a given component of your life.  What ever number you give (other than a 10), they then ask you what would it take to get that number to be one or two digits higher.  That is, what would it take to turn that three into a five or that 7 into an eight.  Small steps.  If your answer is something about outcomes instead of actions.  For example, you said that your satisfaction on your health would improve from an six to an eight when you lose ten more pounds.  Then they will ask you what you can do TODAY to start losing those pounds.  The keys are to get to actions you can control yourself, look for small improvements and start doing it today.

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