Sell to yourself

A common sales technique is to answer every question with a question.  The concept is to keep the customer talking.  Pretty much in any conversation, the more you can keep the other person talking, the better they feel the conversation went.  Additionally, the salesperson is supposed to listen to their answers.  The more the salesperson learns, the better she will be able to assist the customer.

Typical question and answers would be something like:

“Do you have one in red?”

“Do you want one in red?” or “Why do you want one in red?”

“Does the house have a pool?”

“Do you want a house with pool?” or “How would you use a house with a pool?”

Now, practice doing this technique with your own self-talk.  When you say to yourself, “I want this job?” “Is this relationship healthy for me?” etc. ask yourself follow up questions.  Keep asking yourself questions until you run out of questions or answers.  Did you come up with something surprising?  Many times people will use this technique and are surprised about what they really want in life.  They can find different ways to satisfy their needs.

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