5 hacks to cut calories

We at Wolski Success Partners believe success happens by taking many small positive actions consistently.  Here are a few easy actions that can help those with a goal of losing weight make a little progress each day.

1.)  During dinner, dish up in the kitchen and leave the serving dishes with extra food behind.  When the serving dishes are at the table, it makes it too easy to load on seconds…..or thirds…….or maybe just that little extra bite.  These are basically unconscious calories you didn’t really want or need.  When the food is just sitting there in front of you, it is too easy to nibble.  By leaving the serving dishes in the kitchen, it  makes getting seconds a conscious decision.  We aren’t saying don’t go for seconds, but that extra effort of having to step away from the table to get more gives you pause to be mindful if you really want or need it.

2.) Use smaller plates.  We know you’ve probably heard this many times before, but it really does work.  Most of us use the plate size, not the size of our appetite, to determine how big our first course will be.  By using smaller plates and bowls for everything from dinner to ice cream, we can easily cut our serving size by 25%.  Combined with the mindfulness of leaving the excess food in the kitchen, this can be a great first step in adding mindfulness to your meals.

3.)  Make your own frozen treats.  Keep bananas and berries in the freezer.  Throw either or both of them into a blender with milk or yogurt and blend away.  You can’t really go wrong.  Really make it a treat by adding a little vanilla or cinnamon in the blender.  You can make it thicker by using less milk and it can replace your ice cream, or add a little more milk and make a wonderful drink.  A two-scoop sundae can easily have over 500 calories.  Trading a sundae for a frozen fruit treat adds fiber, nutrients and calcium to your diet for less than 250 calories.  You will satisfy your sweet-tooth (guilt-free) as well as lower your caloric intake.  This is a win/win all around!

4.)  Tapas it! – Instead of ordering one main dish for dinner, order two non-fried appetizers.  Better yet, have everyone on the table forgo main dishes and order no more than two non-fried appetizers each and share!  For example, if four of you go out, order six non-fried appetizers.  You’ll get to satisfy your hunger with smaller portions and more variety.

5.)  Swap the 8-inch tortillas for 6-inch tortillas when you make wraps, tacos and burritos.  Not only do the smaller tortillas have less calories, you simply can’t stuff them as full.  So feel free to fulfill your Tex-Mex cravings, but do it mini-sized.  Again, satisfying your hunger with smaller portions.

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